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The Best Place to Sell Silver In Houston
Silver is not nearly as rare as gold and, therefore, its value is considerably less.  However, sterling silver flatware, silverware, tea sets, plates, platters and larger amounts of silver jewelry can add up to a considerable amount of money. We hope you will let us help you determine the value of your silver and avoid costly mistakes made by those not familiar with makers such as George Jensen, famous Russian silver makers and many others. High-end, fine, designer silver is almost always worth more than scrap silver.

Free Appraisals
Houston Gold & Silver will provide you with an absolutely 100% FREE appraisal while you wait.  No appointment is necessary and you are never under any obligation to sell.  We pay more. We pay in cash. We offer fast and friendly service in a secure environment. Come visit us today and see why we are the #1 precious metals buyer in Houston and boast customers who come from all over Texas to deal with us.

Proper Care of Silver Coins
Never clean your coins as this may ruin their numismatic value.  However, Houston Gold & Silver buys all silver coins, silver bullion and silver bars regardless of condition.

Sterling Silver
Houston Gold and Silver is also a buyer for: silver grain, silver shot, silver wire; including, half round silver wire, round silver wire and square silver wire, silver beads and silver sheets. Additionally, you can sell anything stamped .925 or Sterling here at Houston Gold & Silver.

Sell Silver Coins

American Eagles
90% Silver Coins
40% Silver Coins
Early Dollars
Morgan Silver Dollars
Silver Peace Dollars
Early Half Dollars
Seated Liberty Half Dollars
Barber Half Dollars
Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Franklin Half Dollars
Kennedy Half Dollars
Early Quarters
Seated Liberty Quarters
Barber Quarters
Standing Liberty Quarters
Washington Quarters
Silver Rounds
Maple Leafs
Mexican Libertads

90% Silver minted up to 1964, dimes,
quarters and half dollars.

40% Silver minted from 1965-1969,
Kennedy Half Dollars.

We Buy Silver Bars

1 oz Silver Bars
10 oz Silver Bars
100 oz Silver Bars

We Buy Silverware

Sell your silverware for the highest prices paid in Houston. We purchase all flatware, any manufacturer, any condition.
Silver Flatware
Silver Trays
Silver Tea Sets
Silver Bowls
Incomplete sets OK
Damaged OK

Sell Foreign Coins

Australian Dogs
Australian Dragons
Australian Goats
Australian Horses
Australian Kangaroos
Australian Monkeys
Australian Ox
Australian Rabbits
Australian Rats
Australian Rooster
Austria 1 Ducat
Austria 100 Corona
Austria 20 Corona
Austria 4 Ducat
Austria Philharmonic
British Gold Sovereigns
French Franc
Germany 20 Mark
Gibraltar Angels
Hungary 100 Korona
Isle of Man Cats
Italy 20 Lira
Mexico 10 Peso
Mexico 2 Peso
Mexico 2.5 Peso
Mexico 20 peso
Mexico 5 Peso
Mexico 50 Peso
Netherlands 10 Guilder
Russia 10 Ruble
Russia 5 Ruble

Cash for Silver Jewelry

Silver chains, rings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, all jewelry made of silver

Fine Silver

Faberge, Georg Jensen, Gorham, Hester Bateman, Kalo, Odiot, Paul de Lamerie, Paul Revere, Paul Storr, Puiforcat, Tiffany & Co, William Spratling and many others. All: Russian, Danish, French, American and British sterling silver.

Silver Coins And Bullion In Stock

American Eagle 1oz
Peace Silver Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollar
40% Silver US Minted Coins $50 – $1000 Face
90% Silver US Minted Coins $50 – $1000 Face
Maple Leaf 1oz
Misc 1oz Bars And Rounds
Misc 1oz Bars And Rounds
Johnson Matthey 100oz Bars

We Also Stock And Carry:
Coin Tubes
Coin Slabs
Red Book – 2013