“…The thing that impressed me the most was the value that I got for my gold. I researched gold prices and how to value gold before I began seeking appraisals. Without a doubt, Houston Gold & Silver gave me as close to market value as could be expected.…”
— Anthony Carey

“…Mitch was really honest and upfront in showing you the actual value of what I had. Even two pieces in which I believed were silver, he later told me it was gold and paid me accordingly.…”
— Thomas Ross

“…The quote I received was a more accurate evaluation of my gold and came out to be $500 more than my original quote from another company.…”
— K Smith

“…I figured I might get around $300.00 for what I brought in but actually walked out with $880.00.…”

“After trying several gold buying stores in the area and being told that my 14k and 18k gold chains were worth $1800, I had a feeling that I needed to try one more store and happened to be driving down Westheimer toward the Beltway when I noticed Houston Gold and decided to make one last stop.…Luckily, I did…..he tested my jewelry right in front of me and to my total amazement, he offered me $4,450; needless to say I was so stunned that I almost couldn’t believe what I heard. I walked out with the CASH in hand. The experience was AWESOME…..”

“Houston Gold in Humble, Texas is my “go to” place whenever I have some gold or jewelry to sell! I can’t recommend this place enough! I did my research…”
— Jimmy Lee

“…All in a nutshell, if you’re looking to sell your gold, go nowhere else. You’ll be more than satisfied here.…”

“Houston Gold offered me $900 more than the competition.…”

“We tried Houston Gold and shopped around what they offered. What we found was they offered double what the other gold companies offered…”
— J Peterson


“We won’t go any other place to sell our gold or silver!…”
— Paige A

“The Honest Shop. The rep was very honest and told me the value of my coins were worth more than he could give me. He suggested I take them to a coin shop which I did. He was very honest and fair, It says a lot about the company…”
— Chace F

“Excellent customer service and prices.I was really impressed with the customer service I received at Houston Gold. I am a starving car dealer and needed some extra money to keep things going another month. They beat the others with a best first offer price.…”
— James M

“Honest and friendly. …Did entire transaction in front of me and made me feel comfortable. I also left with a lot of dough and no one could even come close.…”
— Matkins

” Good place to sell your gold, I got $250.00 more here than the other three places I stopped by…”
— Bonnie R


“Never did this before. I felt safe and secure …Got a lot for my gold jewelry, a lot of it was broken but they took it anyway. Didn’t expect I would get so much…”
— Jess

“I went to tons of pawn shops and found this place They gave me the most for what I had. I had a few rings and necklaces. Very happy! Thank you!”
— S Bower