Sell Your Gold to the Highest Paying Gold Buyers in Houston

Free Appraisals
Houston Gold and Silver will provide you with an absolutely 100% FREE appraisal while you wait.  No appointment is necessary and you are never under any obligation to sell.

Gold Coin Buyers
Never clean your coins as this may ruin their numismatic value.  Houston Gold & Silver buys all gold coins, gold bullion and gold bars regardless of condition.

Get the Most Cash for Gold in Houston
For some reason, many consumers believe that all gold buyers in Houston pay the same for gold jewelry. The spot price of gold changes daily, much like stocks, and the amount we pay for gold is based on the spot price on the day you bring in your gold.  However, that does not mean that all companies pay the same price for gold. Each company has a different payout percentage and Houston Gold & Silver provides the highest payout percentage in Houston and Humble.

Sell Gold in Houston or Sell Gold Online?
The ancient rule that “he who has the gold makes the rules” is still true today. When selling gold, never let it out of your sight. Can you imagine the dangers, expenses and risks involved in having to ship your gold off to an online buyer in an envelope? Also, when buying gold, always take physical possession.

Sell Gold Coins

American Eagles
American Buffalo
$20 Liberty Coins
$20 St Gaudens Coins
$10 Liberty Coins
$10 Indian Coins
$5 Liberty Coins
$5 Indian Coins
$3 Gold Coins
$2.5 Liberty Coins
$2.5 Indian Coins
$1 Gold Coins
Double Eagles
Canadian Maple Leafs
Chinese Pandas

Sell Gold Bars

One ounce gold bars
Ten ounce gold bars
Kilo Gold Bars

Sell Foreign Coins

Australian Dogs
Australian Dragons
Australian Goats
Australian Horses
Australian Kangaroos
Australian Monkeys
Australian Ox
Australian Rabbits
Australian Rats
Australian Rooster
Austria 1 Ducat
Austria 100 Corona
Austria 20 Corona
Austria 4 Ducat
Austria Philharmonic
British Gold Sovereigns
French Franc
Germany 20 Mark
Gibraltar Angels
Hungary 100 Korona
Isle of Man Cats
Italy 20 Lira
Mexico 10 Peso
Mexico 2 Peso
Mexico 2.5 Peso
Mexico 20 peso
Mexico 5 Peso
Mexico 50 Peso
Netherlands 10 Guilder
Russia 10 Ruble
Russia 5 Ruble

Gold Exchange Coins And Bullion

American Buffalo 1oz
American Gold Eagle 1oz
American Gold Eagle 1/10oz
Krugerrand 1oz
Krugerrand 1/10oz
Maple Leaf 1oz
Maple Leaf 1/10oz
Credit Suisse 1oz