Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am getting a good price for my gold?

Houston Gold & Silver pays top dollar for gold jewelry. We buy jewelry to resell, not melt and we offer a highest price guarantee.

How do I know what karat is my gold?

Most gold jewelry is stamped according to percentage of gold in the jewelry: 10k for 41.7%, 14k for 58.5%, 18k for 75.0%, 22k for 91.6% and 24k is 100% pure gold. To help ensure you receive full value for your items, we have a special tool that tells us immediately the gold purity

Don’t all gold buyers pay the same?

Not all gold buyers in Houston pay the same for gold. The price can vary greatly from store to store. In fact, you will find that very few will pay you top dollar for gold, silver jewelry, tea sets, and platinum.

Is white gold worth the same as yellow gold?

Yes, white gold and yellow gold contain the same amount of gold as a percentage. Most white gold today is coated, or plated, with rhodium. Gold jewelry manufactures used to plated gold with nickel to give it bright silver finish, however nickel can be irritating to the skin and nickel plating is rare these days.

Do gold buyers give more for gold if it has diamonds in it?

Houston Gold & Silver is one of the few companies in Houston that pays more for gold jewelry with diamonds. Small diamonds are called melee. At today’s prices, small, quality diamond melee sell for about $70 per carat.

How can I find out what the price of gold is today?

Check our website or call Houston Gold & Silver at 281-361-3377 or 713-783-8200 for a current gold or silver spot quote. Houston Gold & Silver is one of the few companies that will provide you with a no-obligation quote over the phone and commit to paying you this price. This is the reason people have driven all over 200 miles to sell their gold to us.

How much is silver silverware worth?

The price of silverware depends on the price of silver the day you decide to sell your silverware. Additionally, a highly-desirable silverware pattern can be worth than just the silver itself.

How much is silver flatware worth?

Sterling silver flatware is valued by weight and maker. Some flatware is best valued for its melt value, while others can be worth much more if from a maker such as George Jensen or Tiffany.

How can tell if my silverware is real silver?

Most real sterling flatware will be stamped “sterling”. However, others may be stamped 925, 84 or have the walking lion. In all cases, it is important to rely on the experts at Houston Gold & Silver to help identify the markings.

What does 925 mean?

925 means 925 parts of 1000 or 92.5% silver. The remainder is alloyed metals.

What does 10k mean?

10k means 10 karat gold or 41.7% gold with other alloyed metals.

What does 417 mean?

417 means or 41.7% of the item is actual gold (same as 10k).

What does 14k mean?

14k means 14 karat or 58.5% of the item is actual gold.

What does 585 mean?

585 means 58.5% gold (same as 14k).

What does 18k mean?

18k means 18 karat gold, or 75.0% of the item is actual gold.

What does 750 mean?

750 means 75.0% gold (same as 18k)

What does 22k mean?

22k means 22 karat gold, or 91.6% of the item is actual gold.

What does 916 mean?

916 means 91.6% gold (same as 22k)

What is pure gold?

Pure gold is 24 karat gold and can be further refined to 0.99, 0.999, 0.9999 or 0.99999 (finest). Pure gold is very soft and pliable, so most jewelry also contains other metals to provide structure.